Video Index Title Description Owner #
10003Air Traffic Control - TowersTour of Toronto Tower (CYYZ)David Black229
10004A BAD Seon DVR InstallScott M shows us an $80 per bus install that was done very poorlySeon Design149
10005Valley Forge Historic SiteA very quick tour of the Valley Forge National Historic Site in PADavid Black171
37678Collection of Sexy BrasA lazy Sunday afternoon and evening around Bridport, Doreset.David Black214
77608ServiceMax PresentationAn overview evaluation of ServiceMax for Seon's needsDavid Black170
58438Four UpShort video clip shown at multiple frame-rates at the same timeDavid Black157
40531Darth Vader SpeaksAaron shows us how his (new) Darth Vader doll worksDavid Black139
24380Keith and Olivia FlyKeith and Olivia (from FTS) take to the skies over VictoriaDavid Black150
97412Ukraine - Kiev - Video 1Dinner in Kiev, then a quick tour of an impromptu fairDavid Black131
60647Ukraine - Kiev - Video 2A tour of Kiev at the end of the day.David Black152
91521Ukraine - Lviv - Video 3Afternoon in Lviv and a drive to Ivano-FrankoviskDavid Black126
81486David and Vodka - in UkraineI go out for dinner and vodka with a couple of the boys in Ivano-FrankDavid Black163
16018Braydon's FlightBraydon flies from Qualicum Beach to Pitt MeadowsDavid Black150
16897Kathy H Flies to QualicumAdvanced Flight from Pitt Meadows to Qualicum BeachDavid Black80
71336Miles Bolton Top GunMiles Bolton flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black140
48624Top Gun - DevonDevon flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black87
67970Walkways & Austrian CountrysideThe exapanding/shrinking walksways at CYYZ and Austria on approachDavid Black85
23064Top Gun - ClintonClinton flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to Glen Valley and backDavid Black83
25140Top Gun - AndyAndy and Alana fly to Chilliwack for PieDavid Black104
42754Trace Fairley - Top GunTrace completes his advanced flight to Qualicum BeachDavid Black60
41726Lviv on January 14New Years Day in Lviv UkraineDavid Black55
81433Clip-On UnderpantsMr Bean proves that they would be usefulDavid Black97
37827Ukrainian FireplaceAn interesting piece of "Technology" I found in my hotel room.David Black97
63463Shareen Chin - Co-PilotShareen flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows Airport (med-res sample)David Black106
46392Shiraaz Jahoor - Top GunShiraaz flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black91
41576Jen Kodelja - Top GunJen Flies FHTI from Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black1271
55793Jena Sharma - Top GunJena flies FHTI from Pitt Meadows to AbbotsfordDavid Black170
36185Cimarron Ballentyne - Top GunCimarron flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to AbbotsfordDavid Black73
41326Andriy - Top GunAndriy flies a Cessna 172 around Victoria BCDavid Black90
66298Kim Boyd - Top GunKim flies GJYY from Abbotsford to Pitt MeadowsDavid Black46
89011David talking to the ChickensThe chickens behind my Dorset, England B&B Farm get a visit from meDavid Black45
43157Flying in BritianDavid flies G-BPFZ around Devon UKDavid Black54
99992Gabino Top GunGabino Montillo flies GJYY to Pitt MeadowsDavid Black312
31847San Diego DayA day with Bob in San DiegoDavid Black53
91421Top Gun IsaiahIsaiah flies GJYY around Pitt LakeDavid Black75
54301Through the Sewer PipeA visit to the falls at Goldstream ParkDavid Black49
93559Aaron Mendelson - Top GunAaron flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to Boundary BayDavid Black63
35373Top Gun - LukeLuke flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to Qualicum BCDavid Black45
68999Co-Pilot Sandy LumSandy flies from GJYY from Boundary Bay to Pitt MeadowsDavid Black43
85291Tim 50th Birthday FlightTim flies FHTI to Qualicum BeachDavid Black69
43414Violins at the 7 PiggiesTraditional Violins at our restaurant in UkraineDavid Black49
52259Drinks and Dinner at hte 7 PiggiesUnusual drinks and food at a restaurnt in UkraineDavid Black34
71882SlideboardingA quick explaination of what slideboarding isDavid Black35
76567New Kiosks and ScreensSlideoboarding 1.0 Candidate ScreensDavid Black19
97558China StreetsA 30 second drive in the streets of Shenzhen ChinaDavid Black18
60305Cross Border FlyingProcedures for GEFC Aircraft flights to/from USADavid Black254
86224David Marisigan Top GunDavid flies FHTI from Pitt Meadows to Sand PiperDavid Black59
69273David Marisigan Return FlightSand Piper Resort back to Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black43
25596Liz Flies to ChilliwackLiz flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to Chilliwack to visit JulieDavid Black19
79312NTS LabsTour of NTS Testing Labs in Denver CODavid Black8
61241Hayden Carter FliesHayden flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows AirportDavid Black8
54584Sophie Carter FliesSophie flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows on a tour of Downtown VancouverDavid Black1
80475Javed Gill - Top GunJaved flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to Chilliwack for PieDavid Black3
49550Javed Gill - Flight VideoJaved flies GJYY from Chilliwack to Pitt MeadowsDavid Black3
51432Ben Flies in CanadaBen White flies FHTI on an aerial tour of downtown VancouverDavid Black7
64104Top Gun - Quinn ButlerQuinn flies GJYY from Pitt Meadows to ChilliwackDavid Black12